Who We Are

Hackney is full of creative opportunities and we’re here to make sure the word gets out there so YOU can get involved.

The Discover Young Hackney Media Ambassadors are a group of media savvy young creatives with an eye for innovative ideas to get Discover Young Hackney noticed. We’ve been consulting with designers and copywriters, and visiting youth groups to help spread the message of DYH. We all want to work in media, so we’re honing our skills and gaining experience, building the foundations for our futures. Here’s a little bit about who we are and what DYH is about for us.

To find out more about us and our mission, visit dyhmedia.wordpress.com

Natalie Da Silva

Age 18

My DYH: "Becoming a Discover Young Hackney ambassador has allowed me to get hands on experience in Journalism, which has helped me to improve the writing on my own blog. It has also given me the opportunity to meet industries professionals. This experience is giving me the confidence to stand out in this competitive field."

Blessing Odukoya

Age 16

My DYH: "I took part in Discover Young Hackney ambassadors to get more experience in Journalism and I'm really glad I did. I've been meeting a lot of great people and I would definitely tell everyone about this experience."

Rolando Allen

Age 14

My DYH: "I'm passionate about music, and making music videos. I'm part of DYH because I want to learn new skills in film and video, so I can help promote the festival and my own film production company, Shower TV."

Kamani Brightly

Age 13

My DYH: "I want to get out and film other young artists. I've joined up with Rolando as assistant camera on Shower TV already thanks to Media Ambassadors so if you want a music video shot get in touch."

AG D'acosta

Age 17

My DYH: "Performing arts have made a massive difference to me and there are so many opportunities through DYH for young people to get involved. So I want to help promote all the free chances to perform or learn new skills and make sure everyone hears about it."

Stream Conyer

Age 15

My DYH: "I was involved in Discover Young Hackney last year and it was loads of fun so when I got the call to be part of the media ambassadors and come up with creative ways of promoting the festival I knew I wanted to be involved."

Shannon Burke

Age 14

My DYH: "I'm on the lookout for experiences that will help me decide which A levels to do or what career I should start thinking about. I did some filming last year at the DYH opening event, I also interviewed Lil Simz and really enjoyed it so I've decided to get involved again and see where it takes me. This is the perfect opportunity for me right now."