Taking it to the Next Level: From Dreamer to Entrepreneur

1 January 2013

Take advantage of Discover Young Hackney’s wide range of projects to get you that one step closer to realising your dreams.

Discover Young Hackney is more than just an arts festival. We have carefully constructed a program of events that will give you the tools to take your talent and turn it into a business opportunity. We’ve all been watching the news, these are hard times for young people, but if finding a job is harder than ever, why not make your own?

Did you know that both Lord Alan Sugar (you know, “You’re fired!”, that guy) and John Cohen (the founder of Tesco) both started out by running stalls on Chatsworth Road Market? Hackney has a history of young ambitious people carving out their own path to success, and you could become another name for Hackney to be proud of.

Check out the ‘What’s On’ section of our website and start putting dates in your diary to plan your festival experience and get the most out of what’s on offer.

Here’s what we mean. If you’re a musician, you can get your own song recorded in a professional music studio at ‘GetFamilyar’, or collaborate with other artists and writers to create an original live performance at ‘Bam Jam Band’.

But that’s not all. After laying down a track and mixing with other artists, head down to ‘Design and Make with Art Against Knives’, or to the ‘UR Brand’ workshops to produce your own range of branded merchandise to help you get your music noticed.

Remember, all the workshops are free, so get involved in as much as you can, and think big. Are you a writer? Costume designer? As well as participating in the ‘Catch 22’ spoken word event or ‘Step Up for Costumes’, why not check out the film-making and media workshops to get your words or outfits included in somebody’s short film and have your work showcased in Hackney’s next online viral sensation!

With loads going on in performance arts, fashion and design, media and visual arts, Discover Young Hackney’s array of projects can provide you with the stepping stone you need to get you reaching your full potential.

Take advantage of all that’s on offer and start planning your festival now. Take a look at ‘What’s On’ at to start building the foundations to a booming career – make it happen!


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